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225-hr Advanced Pro Package - $3199.95 OH, Appraisal Qualifying Education

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Payment plans allow you to spread the cost of your education over time. It is the same price as if you bought it out-right but you only pay for it a little every month. With no interest and no credit application, it's a no-brainer. Every month, we'll just charge your credit card. It's that simple. Oh, and if you finish early, just make the final payment(s) and get your certificate instantly. See below for the payment schedule.

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225-hr UPG from RA to CG Advanced Pro Package Payment Plan

Payment #1 - 10/29/2020
Amount: $1599.98
Payment #2 - 11/29/2020
Amount: $799.99
Payment #3 - 12/29/2020
Amount: $799.98