Proctor Registration

Please review the following roles and responsibilities...

The exam must be proctored by an appropriate individual who represents the public interest in the transaction and is free from any conflicts of interest. By completing the online Proctor Certification the proctor attests to meeting these qualifications.

It is the responsibility of the proctor to ensure the integrity of the exam by attesting to each of the following statements:

  • The identity of the student was verified using photo identification to ensure that only the registered individual completes the exam.
  • The exam was completed by the registered student without use of any unauthorized materials. No outside materials are permitted. The student may bring a calculator and a pen or pencil. All electronic devices should be turned off.
  • The only web browser open during the exam was exclusively pointed at McKissock Exam Engine. Tabbed browsing, Internet searches, blogs, instant messaging, etc. are prohibited.
  • The proctor personally observed the student throughout the duration of the exam without providing assistance in interpreting or completing the exam.
  • The proctor will verify that only the allotted amount of time is spent completing the exam. The specific time limit for exams varies per course and will be shown to the Proctor at the top of each exam.
  • The proctored location provided an environment conducive to test-taking and remained free of disruptions.
  • The proctor maintained the security of the exam log-in and password.

Please provide some identification basics...

By registering, you are confirming that you meet all proctor requirements, and that you have read and understood the Roles and Responsibilities of a Proctor as shown above.

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